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Street Projects

Street Projects

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One of the common occurrences in the big cities of Latin America are the people that live in the street.

They adapted parks, under bridges, cemeteries and garbage disposal sites into living places.

La Paz, where the Bolivian Government operates, is not an exemption and about 2000 children under 14 years old live in these places. La Paz is at 4000 meter above sea level with night temperatures reaching the minus 10C degrees.

Most of these children are orphans, or abandoned, or escaped from family violence and mistreatment, etc.

To survive they become thieves and prostitutes, and frequently they consume alcohol and drugs.

This “FAI” project works in two areas. One group of professionals make daily visits to the places where these poor children live with social assistance (medical assistance, clothing, blankets, food, etc.), recreational and sport activities, and psychological and pedagogic assistance to improve their self esteem. The other activity is the House of Improvement, that receives the children that leave their life in the streets and are helped to achieve their social insertion. After a reasonable period of treatment, some of these children are reinserted in their own original families and others are moved to the “Casa Esperanza” or “Hogar de Niñas Obrajes”.

All the children have access to the dinning room, sanitary post and study rooms of the “Casa de Paso"

The foundation attends with this comprehensive assistance to approximately 400 children each year.

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