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Home for Girls

Home for Girls

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The Home for Girls (Hogar de Ninas Obrajes) project started in 1994. It was one of the first projects of the Rainbow Foundation (Fundacion Arcoiris), and for many years it was the center of the foundation.

The House constantly shelters 120 girls between 5 and 18 years old, who don’t have any family relations due to orphancy, abandonment , or parents that are serving jail time for more than 10 yeas. Some of the girls are sent to the House by child and youth courts due to physical and/or sexual abuse suffered in their own homes. The Foundation assumes the legal guardianship and tutelage of all the girls.

Different circumstances have forced them to a situation where the only known family they can count on in their life is the Foundation. It is the only source of food, clothe, academic material, medical services, psychological assistance, professional preparation and, most important, it is the only source of affection.

The goal of the House is to provide the girls with emotional stability because most of them had suffered emotional distress due to sexual abuse from relatives. In order to accomplish this, the House has 2 psychologists and each of the 5 pavilions has its own tutor, denominated their substitute mother.

All the girls go to public schools and they have additional academic support with 5 teachers for individual attention to guarantee good academic performance, considering that most of them got to the House with many years of delayed education or great psychological distress that affects their learning process.

When the girls turn 16 years old, each of them receive a scholarship to pursue a technical career, commonly in the fields of office assistance, pastry, gastronomy, hair styling, cloth designing, and others.

When they turn 18 years old, the Foundation’s legal responsibility concludes, but they still can live in the Student and Worker House (CET) until they achieve independence by concluding their professional studies or generating enough savings with their work.

Each year about 10 girls graduate from the House and get their independence. Each of them receives support to start their new life and a bed, sheets, blankets, cooking utensils and other basic products.

Most of the graduated girls accomplish stability in their life, building their own family and constantly growing in the working aspects.

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