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Introduction to Social Projects

Introduction to Social Projects

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The heartbreaking situation of thousands of children, adolescents and young adults, orphans, individuals with incarcerated parents, abandoned or victims of physical or sexual abuse who live or work in the streets of the city of La Paz, was the reason that led Father Jose Maria Neuenhofer to create, in the name of the Catholic Church, Fundacion Arco Iris in 1994. Foundation that, through different homes, centers, programs and projects, provides comprehensive help and assistance to these population.

The main objective of the Foundation is to achieve the integral development of each individual in the personal, social and labor aspects, by providing food, health, room and clothe; basic and technical education; social, psychological and legal assistance among others.

At present, the Foundation has 8 centers – houses of all around assistance

The Foundation through its 100 bed capacity and well equipped Hospital Arco Iris, provides health care for all the Foundation youth and children.

Close to 300 girls, boys, and adolescents live in the different Houses of the Foundation; 800 children are provided with daily, regular breakfast or lunch, or both; 1,000 have guidance through basic or technical education; and each year close to 5,000 youth and children are provided with social, psychological, pedagogical, and legal services.

Recently, the Foundation started a program in conjunction with the local authorities to allow foundation staff, like teachers and health care professionals to visit local jails where minors often live with their incarcerated parents, and provide them with needed assistance.

Adding to the systematic help, the Foundation also organizes different annual activities. For example, each year, before winter time, the Foundation provides with 2000 blankets to homeless people; it also organizes a walk, called a Peregrination, to the Copacabana Sanctuary with the participation of more than 2000 homeless kids.

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